About Us

Scuderia Tor Vergata is the official Formula SAE Team of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, based in Rome, Italy.

Founded in 2006, over the years Scuderia has been run by hundreds of students with one common goal, that of sharing and applying the technical and theoretical knowledge learned during their studies in a challenging project.

And, of course, Scuderia itself is the right place to develop new and valuable skills… without getting bored!

A total of more than 6 Formula SAE prototypes designed and fabricated, which partecipated in more than 10 Formula SAE events across Europe… and we don’t still have enough!

Keep following us to know about our next challenges and support us while we face them.

Our main supporter can’t be anything other than our University, a second home for many of us and one of the main reasons why Scuderia keeps pushing and growing.

All that remains to say is… #goSTVgo!